Amsax designs and develops controls for each process line based on best practices as determined by the customer. No matter how sophisticated the controls must be robust, have appropriate positioning capabilities, good fundamentals in signal integrity with field devises – and be maintainable. Use of poor quality components or short cuts cost far more than using proper equipment and practices. Amsax strives wherever possible to use components with domestic distribution and inventory.

Amsax has extensive PLC fluency to match customer’s own expertise. From joystick to military-grade wireless communication the safe operation of motion control and I/O interface is the standard.


For more than twenty-five years Amsax has been committed to providing the most advanced PLC and PC-based controls, based as stand-alone platforms and in combination.

Amsax’s object-oriented random loading proprietary software allows the most flexible processing of a process line regardless of the number of carriers, stations or process requirements. Payloads with the same processing recipes (regimes) do not have to be grouped together and workflow does not breakdown for critical orders.

Over the years our software has been continually improved for the challenges of modern production. Changes can be made in real-time that would take hours to customize in ladder logic – then test.

Amsax's software solution offers a full simulation ability to run new recipes offline or rebalance a line and even test new tank configurations as your needs change over time.

Our software's throughput is enhanced due to forward thinking. Forward thinking anticipates each carrier’s future moves even with multiple carriers. Each is constantly refining its own internal strategy – incorporating the interplay of other carriers on the process line and constantly updating to optimize coordinated motions and act as a team. This is a critical asset for when a process is interrupted whether for inspections or power loss; the software remains active and when automatic operations resumes the operations recover immediately based on real-time conditions.

The result is significant for lines with one carrier – or more carriers - in that it a payload no longer waits for a hierarchy of obsolete “reservations” to play-out before moving, and consistently makes the best current move to adhere to process specifications.

Amsax's software is paired with the PLC of a customer’s choice where control of field devices and motor drives are most efficiently interfaced based on speed and robustness while the PC takes care of the higher level processing functions which are implemented through the PLC’s registers. Regardless of the type of software, Amsax has the in-house engineering to design and support your requirements.

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