The best solution for each client’s objectives


Starting with understanding specific challenges to optimizing the design through production and providing ongoing support.


No shortcuts or sub-par components: we are not consultants or contractors; actually building and then standing behind what we design.


Each member of Amsax’s senior management team has 25 to 35 years of experience in building and maintaining metal finishing processes.


Amsax lines reflect a commitment to efficient capital investment and long term value based on production objectives and up-time.

Tank Lines

Amsax designs and fabricates modular tanklines from corrosion resistant materials focusing on tank integrity for long term service in industrial applications with advanced techniques...

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Process Equipment

Amsax Technologies, Inc. has been supplying Process Equipment to the Metal Finishing Industry for over 25 years. Amsax's Equipment offers modular designs. Combined with our process...
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Environmental Systems

Amsax will work with you to design an Environmental System that will meet local code. We can integrate new, used or existing equipment into an air ventilation system or wastewater...
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Comprehensive Solutions

Engineering expertise in all aspects of a process line
Financial stability to support customers for the long-term
A robust integrated system that is fit-for-use, regardless of the project size or application the same principals apply
The best support is a well built total system – Amsax is responsive and we stand behind our work.
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How to Reach Us

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